In conversation with Hormoz Hematian. Iranian Art Scene Re-Emerging...


Zeitgeist 19 has recently published a podcast in conversation with Hormoz Hematian, founder of Dastan's Basement, about the dynamics of Iranian artists on international stage, the domestic art market that has been stymied by the state's isolationism, yet recognised with high viewership, and what solutions the spaces are considering to re-emerge from the interruptions caused by the global pandemic. For more information click here.

Zeitgeist 19: 
"Episode Summary:
In this episode, together with our co-host Kiana Talebpour from Milan based MdA design agency we meet Hormoz Hematian founder of the Dastan - a multidimensional program focusing on Iranian contemporary and modern art, including Dastan's Basement, Dastan+2 and Dastan:Outside, as well as Teer Art Tehran, a private-sector initiative that runs Teer Art Fair and Teer Art Week. By means of this genuine and crucial conversation Hormoz takes us on a journey to Iran, where even though art is classified as “informational material”, meaning it is technically exempt from sanctions, the situation poses great obstacles for the country’s artists and galleries. Yet, Hormoz remains positive about Iran’s vibrant artistic environment and the region’s collecting patterns, as well as discusses with us the notion of Iranian artists gaining momentum on the international stage, both commercially and critically; the domestic art market that has been stymied by the state’s isolationism at the same time being a subject of high viewership; and what solutions the spaces are considering at the moment to maintain relevance and connection with their communities and the rest of the world."

Hormoz Hematian: "I think Iranian art should be represented a lot more across museums and institutions, and I think there should be a lot more research done on it globally. A lot thought can be applied to the art scene of the country as well to really allows for that leap forward to happen." 

You can listen to the podcast on applepodcasts, spotify and zeit_geist19.

September 16, 2020
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