Amin Akbari | "Newborn Artist and Chigil's Candle": Dastan's Basement

15 - 29 December 2017 The Basement

Solo installation exhibition of works by Amin Akbari

Installation Views
Press release

Dastan is pleased to announce the opening of Amin Akbari’s solo exhibition titled “Newborn Artist and Chigil’s Candle” at Dastan’s Basement. The exhibition will be open for public viewing from December 15 through December 29, 2017. This is Amin Akbari’s second solo exhibition at Dastan’s Basement. His work has been featured in three solo exhibitions and over ten group shows in Tehran and Dubai (UAE).
Amin Akbari (b. 1988, Bojnourd, Iran) is a graduate of graphic design. He worked in the field of design for some time before focusing his capacities towards visual arts in 2012. His first solo exhibition, “Small Green Leaves” (Mehrva Gallery, Tehran, 2012) featured drawings. “The Outstanding Gardener” (Dastan’s Basement, November 2015), which opened to critical acclaim, included the artist’s new experiments in materials, installation, setting and color.
“Newborn Artist and Chigil’s Candle”, which opens on the artist’s birthday, is the last part of Amin AKbari’s trilogy. The exhibition features an installation of three-dimensional works, paintings, videos and sound, all created within the recent year. Following his previous solo exhibition, Amin Akbari began to work with new materials and techniques, leading to “Snakes” (first shown at Art Dubai 2017 by Dastan’s Basement). The works in the current exhibition, are the artist’s more recent experiences, presented as an installation. The sculpture “Newborn Artist and Chigil’s Candle”, from which the exhibition title was taken, is at the center of the show and is “a self-portrait trying to works as an allegory of the artist’s state in relation to his surroundings”. Additionally, a number of works from Amin Akbari’s “Tools” series, which is an ongoing project, is presented in this exhibition.