Milad Mousavi | "I Wish You Felt the Same Way": Zaal Art Gallery

14 April - 9 May 2024 Zaal
A solo presentation of works by Milad Mousavi at Zaal Art Gallery
Installation Views
Press release
Zaal Art Gallery presents the third exhibition in its Focus Room series, “I Wish You Felt the Same Way”, a solo show by Milad Mousavi, opening on April 14 and continuing through May 9, 2024. The exhibition marks his third solo with Dastan. 
Milad Mousavi’s illustrative works serve as direct manifestations of his thoughts, stories, and dreams. Executed without preliminary sketches, Mousavi's drawings are crafted entirely with ink, reflecting a distinctive approach where the absence of prior background or preconceived ideas allows for a spontaneous and immediate expression of his artistic vision.
In his paintings “I wish you felt the same way” (2023) and “Losing Hair” (2023), Mousavi explores themes ranging from personal relationships to introspective contemplations, utilizing his distinctive method to translate abstract concepts into tangible visual forms. His drawings, characterized by their larger scale compared to previous works, showcase a deliberate focus on the intricacies of human hands, drawing inspiration from their forms and gestures.
Complementing his drawings, Mousavi's paintings, dating back to 2021 and 2022, offer viewers a glimpse into his exploration of the bathroom space as a thematic motif. Rooted in the artist's dream experiences within this environment, these paintings invite audiences to contemplate the intersection of dreams, reality, and personal space.