Mehrdad Mohebali | "L O G Y": +2

6 October - 10 November 2023 +2
Installation Views
Press release

+2 presents “L O G Y,” a solo exhibition of work by Mehrdad Mohebali, opening October 6 and continuing through  November 3, 2023. “L O G Y,” comprising one large-scale painting, is Mohebali’s second solo exhibition at +2. Dastan has extensively exhibited his work at international art fairs and exhibitions. 

Contemplating how many movements, ideologies, ideals, and political tendencies have been eroded and left behind, Mohebali focuses on and believes in the individual, forgoing any large-scale or organized structures and ideologies. He holds that such a belief would lead to accepting the human being as an integrated whole despite its flaws, imperfections, desires, and inconsistencies. 

Mohebali writes, “In my opinion, rituals, customs, teachings, and philosophical views stem from a fundamental need in human beings. They claim to be able to elevate humanity to a higher level, and through their evolution, they become independent models attracting many followers. To appear as a good individual, we suppress behaviors deemed abnormal, conform to accepted norms, and consider ourselves guilty of having desires in private, thus distancing ourselves from being human. I think such a person would not want others to have the inner feelings they experience.” 

He continues: “The painting depicts a large stage where each character is busy playing their role, individually, while ignoring the presence of others. This scene does not have an audience: the seats are empty, just like the papers on the ground. Perhaps the characters have accepted their roles, have become accustomed to them, and are on stage without even needing an audience.” 

Appropriating his critical perspective through a satirical approach, Mohebali has titled his singular large painting and its exhibition as “L O G Y,” isolating the discipline-making suffix usually denoting a scientific understated commentary, interpretation, or elucidation from subjects it frequently attaches to.

Mehrdad Mohebali (b. 1970, Tehran, Iran) lives and works in Tehran. He is a graduate of Painting from the University of Tehran (1992). Of his many solo exhibitions, we can name "Mr. Passive (Etemad Gallery, Dubai, UAE, 2012), "Metamorphosis" (Etemad Gallery, Tehran, 2015), and "We Used to Dance" (+2, Tehran, 2021). Works of the artist have found their way into biennials, museum exhibitions, and countless group exhibitions, among them the 2nd Beijing Biennial (Beijing, China, 2005), Venice Biennial (Venice, Italy, 2015), Asia Now (Paris, 2021), "Realism" (Dastan Outside Project, London, 2023).