Group Presentation: Contemporary Istanbul

27 September - 1 October 2023 Art Fairs

A Group Presentation of Works by Reza Abedini (b. 1967), Raana Farnoud (b. 1953), Bita Fayyazi (b. 1962), and Mehrdad Mohebali (b. 1960).


Booth: T7-19

Date: 27 September - 1 October, 2023
Preview: 27 September 2023
Location: Istanbul
Address: Tersane Istanbul
Kasımpaşa, Tersane İstanbul, Haliç Camii Kebir Mahallesi Taşkızak, Tersane Cd. No:5, 34440 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

Installation Views
Press release
At the 18th edition of Contemporary Istanbul, +2 presents the works of four Iranian artists whose distinct styles and practices have influenced several generations of artists in the last decades. The booth includes a centerpiece sculpture by the renowned multidisciplinary artist Bita Fayyazi (b. 1962), two paintings by Rana Farnoud (b. 1953), one of the most respected painters of her generation, two canvases by internationally acclaimed Iranian artist and designer Reza Abedini (b. 1967), and two large paintings by celebrated painter Mehrdad Mohebali (b. 1960). The presentation marks Dastan’s third presence at the fair, following the solo presentation of Sahand Hesamyian in 2017 and a solo presentation of works by Shahriar Ahmadi in 2016. 
In the work of Bita Fayyazi, while consistently contributing to structure and form, materials often become lost in the artist’s web of imagination and confluence. Each decision can be rethought and reformed, and in this process, layers are buried under each other as though fossils are entrenched within a rock's layers. Sometimes, the underlying materials leak out to suspiciously explore their unfamiliar environment, giving the illusion of breathing forms to her work. 
Over more than five decades, Raana Farnoud has experimented with a broad spectrum of techniques, themes, and styles in painting. From naturalistic representation to abstraction, she has been inspired by her surroundings, such as desert landscapes, people, encounters, and the forms within the natural environment. Her unique technique and palette often transcends her compositions beyond time and space, transitioning into a contemplative state. 
Reza Abedini’s paintings are based on his signature blend of traditional Islamic patterns, Persian and Arabic calligraphy and type design, literature and poetry, and traditions of illustration and painting. He combines simple illustrations with poetic typography and elegant layouts, exploring the elaborate beauty of the Persian script and language. 
In his paintings that resemble a fragmented and broken-down narrative expressed through several perspectives, Mehrdad Mohebali looks at society and each individual’s roles and explores the contrasts between classical and modern. His compositions isolate the subjects and place them within a context that intrudes into their individuality and highlights their lack of belonging.