Pegah Bahador & Reza Ghaviha | "In Itself": Dastan's Basement

22 September - 6 October 2023 The Basement
"In Itself" a duo exhibition of works by Pegah Bahador and Reza Ghaviha at Dastan's Basement.
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Press release

Dastan’s Basement presents “In Itself,” a duo exhibition of works by Pegah Bahador and Reza Ghaviha, opening September 22 and continuing through October 6, 2023. “In Itself” is their debut exhibition at Dastan. 

Focusing on the meticulous exploring of everything in their surroundings, from small household objects to the city, its corners, and its people, these artists have sought to record the fragments that make up their world using contrast-based drawings that document shadow and light –what the objects cast and what is cast on them. 

Their approach to their subjects, whether objects, scenes, images, or processes, is based on assigning them a sense of domesticity, appropriating them into an image corpus. “In Itself” is a reenactment of the corpus, expressed through the duo’s drawings and videos by Pegah Bahador that take a more static approach to moving images, confining the movement within an almost fixed setting.