Fariba Boroufar and Nasrin Maleksabet | "Com-pilation": +2

26 August - 16 September 2022 +2
A duo presentation of works by Fariba Boroufar and Nasrin Maleksabet at +2 gallery.
Installation Views
Press release
+2 is proud to show works of Nasrin Maleksabet (b. 1979, Yazd, Iran) and Fariba Boroufar (b. 1974, Tehran) starting Friday, August 26, 2022. Titled “Com-pilation” and curated by Aidin Xankeshipour, the exhibition will be on view through Friday, September 16. This is the artists' first collaboration with +2.
Nasrin Maleksabet and Fariba Boroufar share a unique visual language predicated on exploiting the potentials of thread, fabric, handmade dye, cotton, wool, and other materials associated with textile. The content of their work is defined by the way they use interlacing, where, not unlike their ancestors – who made rugs, kilims, gabbas, namads, and jajims – they create fabrics by piling and densifying threads. In works of Nasrin, urban and rural landscapes are depicted using colorful threads. In those of Fariba, we see a new use of fabric where the warp and weft create grim urban scenes. Through piling and densification, these works go beyond textile and carpet weaving to hint at urban planning, geometric and arabesque designs, and brick-work.
Fariba Boroufar studied Illustration at the University of Art in Tehran. She has held a solo exhibition at Thales Art Gallery (2019) and participated in the 8th Sculpture Biennial (2020). Nasrin Maleksabet studied Ceramics and Material Science. She has held two solo exhibitions at Shirin Art Gallery (2013 and 2015) and participated in more than ten group exhibitions.