Andisheh Avini | "Red, White and Blue": +2

22 July - 12 August 2022 +2

A solo presentation of works by Andisheh Avini at +2.

Andisheh Avini, Untitled, 2022
Installation Views
Press release
+2 proudly presents "Red, White and Blue," and exhibition of works by Andisheh Avini (b. 1974, New York) starting Friday, July 22, 2021. The exhibition will be on view until Aug 12. Brooklyn-based Andisheh Avini has worked with a variety of mediums, from painting to drawing, print-making, installation, and sculpture. Dastan Gallery has represented works of Avini in several art fairs. "Red, White and Blue" is Andisheh Avini's first show at +2 and in Iran.
As an Iranian born and raised outside the borders of Iran, concepts of "home" and "identity" figure prominantly in the works of Andishe Avini. Inspired by elements of Iranian cultural geography, he summons and reshapes what lingers in his memory and opens a more permanent place for them in his art. What we see in “Red, White and Blue” is a reproduction of one such object. The striped plastic ball was part of the life of several generations of Iranians, shaping experiences and memories. The plastic ball (also called Poppy or Pearl Ball) showed up in the Iranian visual domain through an oil-driven economy supported by the petroleum industry. The plastic ball can be seen connecting Iranian children to their contemporary socio-political reality. 
In addition to numerous solo and group exhibitions across the globe, Andisheh Avini's works were exhibited in two museums, in "The Golden Standard" at MoMA,  curated by Walead Beshty and Bob Nickas, and in "Six Feet Under" at Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland. He initially started working with I-20 Gallery in New York, and subsequently with Frank Elbaz and Marianne Boesky galleries. Since 2021, Dastan has represented the artist most recently in "Soft Edge of the Blade" at Cork Street London (2022) and Art Dubai (2021, 2022).