Sepideh Zamani | "Rest": Parallel Circuit

26 November - 17 December 2021 Parallel Circuit

A solo presentation of works by Sepideh Zamani at Parallel Circuit.

Press release

Parallel Circuit presents the latest installation of Sepideh Zamani titled “Rest". The show opens on November 26 and will continue until December17, 2021. Sepideh Zamani's previous solo exhibition, "Interview", with Dastan:Outside (The Electric Room) was In 2017. In her second solo show, "Rest", some pieces of that ongoing project will be shown.

Sepideh Zamani (born 1986, Tehran, Iran) graduated in sculpture at Tehran University of Art. She started her career as a graphic designer in advertising agencies and continues to work design alongside her artistic activities. In 2008, Sepideh accompanied by five other artists founded Tehran Carnival, an artist collective creating underground public art in the city of Tehran. Prominent features of her work include the speed in the work process and the use of humor, repetition, and movement in her narratives.

"Rest" is a return to an installation in the past; A project that began five years ago and will now be completed with structures from the same project. Sepideh’s choices in installation are shaped by the connection between the earlier works and the newer ones. According to her: “The main subject in these works is not the work itself but how the work could be described.” In fact, it can be said that this show is a memorial to her previous project.