Mohammadreza Yazdi | "Lifeless Pulse": Dastan:Outside | V-Gallery

3 - 17 May 2019 Dastan:Outside

A Solo Presentation of Dynamic Sculptures by Mohammadreza Yazdi

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Artist Statement

They sit where we were to sit! As if they are living instead of us, deciding for us and writing our fate


The issue summons the idea of the individuality of contemporary human beings. Chaplin, in “Modern Times”, depicts a human symbolically dominated by imaginary machines. In today’s reality, such hegemony has not only affected the body, but also the human nature and emotions. The trend shall not end with the machines taking over. The deceitful shift has been accommodated by the hostile beliefs held in the depths of societies. These ideas procreate wherever man lives; convoluted and sophisticated structures which we are indeed part of, even though we seek to distance ourselves from this intertwined body. This is a cycle in which humans are deprived of their individuality to the goal of keeping the system of power in place; the fictitious body being kept alive. And this is my interpretation of the human condition; looking at the mind and the abundance of the things we have manufactured –where structure dominates nature. This concern has become the origin of my apparatuses.


Mohammad Reza Yazdi