Sam Samiee | "Love is Displaced, Reason Goes in Search of it" ("De Liefde Raakte Ontheemd, Het Verstand Ernaar Op Zoek'": Gemeente Museum Den Haag

16 June - 7 October 2018

A Solo Exhibition of Sam Samiee's Installaion Pieces

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Sam Samiee

'Love is displaced, reason goes in search of it'

16 June to 7 October 2018


Iranian-born artist and essayist Sam Samiee (b. 1988, Teheran) makes installations consisting of multiple paintings. He combines this two-dimensional medium with spatial objects, testing the potential and the limits of traditional painting.

Samiee is also a researcher, exploring western painting, philosophy and psychoanalysis and studying the rich history of Persian literature. He attempts in his work to unite the west'svisual culture with the east's word-oriented culture. By breaking with the tradition of the two- dimensional painting, he repeatedly questions how an artist can portray the three- dimensional world. As he himself says, 'Painting is a way of further developing and shaping all my ideas and thoughts'.

Samiee, who works in Amsterdam, Berlin and Teheran, and studied at the Royal Academy of Art in Amsterdam in 2014-2015, will be presenting an installation combining works from 2014 to the present day in the Gemeentemuseum's Projects Gallery. He will also integrate into the installation a number of paintings from the museum's collection, by the artists Constant, PaulThek and Emo Verkerk, with whom he feels a kinship.


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