Mohammad Hossein Gholamzadeh | "Champion" • Electric Room 05/50 • 30 June - 7 July 2


Mohammad Hossein Gholamzadeh began his cooperation with Dastan's Basement in 2013 with Mirror: a group of ogre-like miniature sculptures, out of shape personas standing alone. The young sculptor came back to the Basement in 2015 with a different set of figures: Self-Destruction was a more dynamic, more humanistic approach to sculpture. It was with this second show that he sets out to his future way of working. In 2017, Gholamzadeh brought a prototype of The Champion to the Electric Room: a single sculpture standing alone in the darkened atmosphere of the Electric Room, exhibiting him/herself to the audience under just one spotlight and the flickering lights of the main electric system. This is a one-minute interview with Mohammad Hossein Gholamzadeh about The Champion at the former Electric Room.


For more information and installation views, you can visit the exhibition's page here.


Mohammad Hossein Gholamzadeh (b. 1986, Tehran, Iran) holds a BFA in Sculpture. Along with a desire for technical perfections in art creation, he has always been interested in the paradoxical nature of the relationships between objects and their usages. Using the same perspective, he has introduced other elements into his work to create a contemporary context for showing both the differences and similarities between historical and contemporary events. Most of Gholamzadeh's sculptures are figurative works possessing different objects and clothing. These elements often contain allusions to history, traits, lifestyles and ideas. Gholamzadeh's work has been featured in two solo exhibitions at Dastan's Basement, and presented in Dastan's Basement in Art Dubai 2016.


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