Zahra Navaei | "As It Is" • Electric Room 09/50 • 8 - 13 September 2017


Instead of bringing a piece to the Electric Room, Zahra Navaei brought her studio: the sketches, the framed works, some canvases, the color of the walls and even some of the furniture. The installation, put together in collaboration with Aidin Xankeshipour, was an attempt to both show a mental map of Zahra Navaei as she creates, as well as an ideal perspective into her studio, character and identity.

This is a one-minute interview with Zahra Navaei about "As It Is" at the former Electric Room. For more information and installation views, you can visit the exhibition's page here.


Zahra Navaei (b. 1983, Tehran, Iran) studied sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran (Tehran, Iran). Her work has been previously exhibited in two solo exhibitions at Dastan’s Basement.