Manijeh Akhavan | "A Turning Affair" • Electric Room 07/50 • 25 - 30 August 2017


A Japanes album, some color pencils, two eyes and two legs: these were all Manijeh Akhavan needed to create her works. As she herself expalined, "Travel photos and routine observations of my surroundings became my subjects. Color pencils were always accessible and I could work on every detail with them. The small size of the sketchbooks kept me moving". The young artist came to the Electric Room with three small Japanese albums, two plants and a bag of birdseeds.

This is a one-minute interview with Manijeh Akhavan about A Turning Affair at the former Electric Room. For more information and installation views, you can visit the exhibition's page here.


Manijeh Akhavan (b. 1989, Tehran, Iran) studied at University of Art, Tehran. Her work has been exhibited in seven group exhibitions including A Camp, a group exhibition curated by Sam Samiee at Dastan’s Basement.