Bahman Kiarostami, 2018

Publisher: Nazar Publications .

ISBN: 9786001522598

Dimensions: 220x230x10mm

Pages: 144

“Golshahr” is a photo-book by documentary film director Bahman Kiarostami (b. 1978, Tehran, Iran). The book, comprised of Bahman Kiarostami’s photographs of Karimabad cemetery along with an interview with the guard, is a spiritual successor to his other book, Photo Riahi. Describing the current book, Bahman writes: “Karimabad is a cemetery by the last bus stop in Golshahr. The place is surrounded by vegetable gardens and for years I thought it was an Afghan cemetery but I realized later that it's just a public graveyard. It was always cheaper for Afghans to bury their family there than in other Mashad cemeteries, though the place is full now and Afghans have to find new ground.”