"The World Was Catching on to Iran’s Contemporary Art. Then Sanctions Returned"


Bloomberg has recently published an article by James Tarmy on the current situation of Iran's contemporary art and the effect of sanctions on it, focusing mainly on Hormoz Hematian's practice as an Iranian gallerist. Click here to read it in full.


From the article: "If it were merely a question of tamping down ambition and reconciling himself to a regional collector base, Hematian might be fine. But it's not that simple, he says, simply because so much of the point of his gallery, and his artists' work, is to present Iranian art to the rest of the world. "I never show art that depicts Iranians as restricted," he says. "I refuse to show something like that. We're trying to show [ourselves] as part of the global community of the art world and to work within that discourse."

November 15, 2018
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