Beyond the Biennale: 10 Must-See Shows in Venice

Galerie Magazine

At the 60th Venice Biennale, titled "Foreigners Everywhere," homage is paid to the enduring journey of artists, often navigating various circumstances of travel and relocation. Notably, Reza Aramesh, the British-Iranian artist with bases in London and New York, stands among the 331 artists and collectives highlighted in this exhibition curated by Adriano Pedrosa, the artistic director of the Sao Paulo Museum of Art. Renowned for his exploration of human suffering stemming from conflicts and hierarchical systems, Aramesh presents three series of marble sculptures within the historic confines of the Church of San Fantin, engaging in a dialogue with its contextual backdrop of punishment and reformation. Among these series, one draws upon the figure of Saint Sebastian to symbolize working-class individuals of color and marginalized men from the global south, while a new addition comprises 207 life-sized men’s underwear meticulously crafted from Carrara marble. The scattered garments strewn across the church's floor establish a poignant connection with Leonardo Corona’s masterpiece, "The Crucifixion."

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May 2, 2024
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