A guide to Frieze Los Angeles and an art extravaganza this weekend

Los Angeles Times

In a report by Alison Brower for the LA Times, the fifth edition of Frieze Los Angeles opened on February 29, transforming the city's art scene with its colorful contemporary exhibitions and various events. The fair, which took place at Santa Monica Airport from February 29 to March 3, attracted over 35,000 visitors and hundreds of galleries, artists, and art enthusiasts.
The article quotes Dastan’s Founder, Hormoz Hematian: “I believe there is a new Silk Road that is made for culture, particularly visual art, and Frieze is an anchor for different parts of it. It feels like I’m connected to a very, very ancient tradition of going up and down that Silk Road and sharing culture.”
It also features an image of a work by Newsha Tavakolian, an artist presented in Dastan’s booth at Frieze LA. “Iran, Freedom Sq.,” 2015, by Newsha Tavakolian, is a part of “Right About Here,” an exhibition concurrent with Frieze LA, hosted in Kour Pour’s space, Guest House.
While some criticize the fair for overshadowing the city's year-round art scene, Frieze Los Angeles is undeniably a major cultural event, bringing economic and creative energy to the town.

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March 4, 2024
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