Reza Aramesh at Collect Pond Park in NY

Tribeca Trip

In his latest conversation with Reza Aramesh, Carl Glassman writes for Tribeca Trip about how Aramesh’s latest work came to be represented at Collect Pond Park in NY as a part of the Off-Site Program at The Armory Show 2023. 


Aramesh presented his work in partnership with NYC Parks and through the collaboration of Night Gallery (Los Angeles) and Dastan (Tehran). The 7-foot white-marble sculpture is part of a series he calls “Site of the Fall—Study of the Renaissance Garden”. This piece was inspired by a 1968 photograph from the Vietnam War, in which the clothes of the person covered his head. Aramesh describes his work as an attempt to contextualize images of war in the vocabulary of the Renaissance “by using the agent of beauty to convey a horrific story”.


Collect Pond Park was selected as the site for this piece as “the park is surrounded by institutions of justice”. It was important for the sculpture to have a dialogue with the surrounding community and the people who either work at these institutions or “go there to be judged”.


Aramesh describes NY as a city with which he has a spiritual relationship and to have his work represented on this site has been one of his most significant projects to date.


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January 31, 2024
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