Newsha Tavakolian's 'And They Laughed at Me' Exhibition


Giorgia Massari, in her Collater article, delves into the inception, process, the stories and final exhibition of Newsha Tavakolian, the inaugural recipient of the Deloitte and Fondazione Deloitte Photo Grant. Tavakolian's "And They Laughed at Me" project, currently showcased at Mudec Photo in Milan until Dec. 13, offers a deeply personal narrative of Iran's collective history, characterized by a politically oppressive environment. The focal point of the exhibition revolves around a recurring image – a woman inhaling the fragrance of a flower. This specific image becomes the linchpin for the narrative as the writer navigates through the exhibition. 
At the end of the article Newsha Tavakolian reveals the project's title, "And They Laughed at Me," signifying politicians' detachment from people's issues. The artist believes it's the artist's role to remind politicians that they are being observed, emphasizing the need for artists to be vigilant watchers.

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December 28, 2023
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