Iranian galleries introduce the country’s contemporary art to new collectors at The Armory Show Two Iranian galleries have stands at this year’s edition of the show, showcasing the work of four artists with roots in the country

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In a climate of domestic unrest, Dastan Gallery proudly represents Iran's contemporary art scene at The Armory Show. Two Iranian galleries are making their mark, featuring works by multiple talented artists with Iranian roots. Dastan Gallery, led by Hormoz Hematian, highlights the rich heritage of Iranian art through the creations of Nicky Nodjoumi, Andisheh Avini, and Reza Aramesh. Hematian praises the show's ability to connect international audiences with Iranian culture, emphasizing the deep historical ties reflected in these artists' work. Amidst challenges, Dastan Gallery shines as a beacon of artistic expression.

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September 18, 2023
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