Article on Mamali Shafahi's "Deep Throats"

Garage Rotterdam Catalogue

Garage Rotterdam, a non-profit exhibition center for contemporary art in the heart of Rotterdam, publishes exhibition reviews on a section of their website called "catalogue". Garage Rotterdam's catalogue features Mamali Shafahi's "Deep Throats," which explores the intersection of emerging technology and traditional cultures. Shafahi aims to bridge the gap between the two by connecting ancient fables with modern pop cultures, such as video games and cartoons. The relief sculptures feature animal iconography, including gorillas, snakes, and scorpions, which have different symbolic readings across cultures. Shafahi also explores the concept of "mutual metamorphosis," where parents and children transform each other throughout their lives. Shafahi's use of velvet flocking adds a nostalgic touch, while UV light technology creates a futuristic aesthetic. The exhibition offers a thought-provoking commentary on the impact of technology on human evolution and culture.

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April 10, 2023
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