The Next Great City for Contemporary Art? Tehran.


Garage Magazine's Niru Ratnam has recenlty written an extended article about Dastan's Basement, Hormoz Hemtaian, and the recent presentation at Art Basel Hong Kong 2018. Click here to read it in full.

From the article: "Dastan's Basement just made its debut at Art Basel Hong Kong, and founder Hormoz Hematian is on a mission to build new infrastructure for Iran's art scene."

"Through his programming, Hematian wanted to focus on the way that artists can offer a way forward. “Tehran is this place that is polluted, going through a very difficult recession, and where there’s lots of anger and upset about not being a bigger part of the international community after the recent moves towards greater openness,” he said. “But then you visit artist’s studios and you see how they are changing things.”" 

April 4, 2018
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