Mehdi Ghadyanloo Exhibits His Haunted Playground Scenes at Gagosian New York

Black Book

Camilla Acosta wrote for on Mehdi Ghadyanloo's solo exhibition at Gagosian, examining differences and similarities with the "high-impact public works" of Bansky, on the one hand, and the "depopulated plazas" of Giorgio de Chirico or the surrealistic scenes of René Magritte. To Acosta, works of Ghadyanloo invite "the gaze to the center for further rumination. The chiaroscuro shading and the fact that there are not actually any little tykes inhabiting in the spaces gives them a haunted, almost post-apocalyptic sense of desolation. The presentation also feels rather architectural, though it’s an architecture that seems chronologically suspended between the past and the future." The writer is quick to add, "the artist himself hints that the inspiration may have simply been a desire for a peaceful respite amongst the commotion of youth.". Click here to read it in full. 

March 31, 2022
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