Peybak | "Strange Aeons – We will meet you there"

Gallery Vallois

"Strange Aeons..." is Peybak's fourth solo exhibition at Vallois. Following the words of sci-fi H.P. Lovecraft whispering, the exhibition is the "beginning of a journey towards an undefined, unknown region where thought expires and the body awakens in an uncertain, irresolute and yet static state", writers Agate Bortolussi in the gallery's press release, "Creatures lay on the gallery floor, as if stranded, unconscious from this long travel to the emptiness of a shifting green or blue landscape lit by a faraway glimmer." For more information click here.

Title: "Strange Aeons – We will meet you there"
Artist: Peybak
Date: 04 Feb - 19 Mar 2022
Location: Paris, France
Address: 36 rue de Seine

February 8, 2022
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