THE ARTIST'S ARTIST Twenty-three artists reflect on 2021


Visiting family in Iran, artist Kavin Beasley saw Mehran Mohajer's "Scaffolding" at +2. These photographs, he wrote for Artforum, are "composed of the crevices that your dreams are made of but that cannot be recollected—the essence of the everyday, the textures of our being." Artforum Magazine asked 23 artists to pick and write on a single exhibition that caught their attention in 2021. Visting Mehran Mohajer's "Scaffolding" at +2, Kevin Beasley believes the frames of Mehran Mohajer give form to what cannot be seen. Artforum's initiative makes for a delicious read. Artists' view of artists tickles the reader's curriosity. For the entire article, click here.

December 31, 2021
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