Twelv Magazine has recently published an article on the artistic programme of Fiac Art Fair 2019. Click here to read it in full.


From the article: "This edition likewise features the inaugural presence of 26 galleries from across the world, each a key player in their given field of expertise: Lévy Gorvy (London, New York, Hong Kong, Zürich), The Box (Los Angeles), Meyer Kainer (Vienna), Barbara Wien (Berlin), Magnin-A (Paris), Jacky Strenz (Frankfurt), BERG Contemporary (Reykjavik), Dastan Gallery (Tehran), apalazzo (Brescia), Laveronica (Modica), Kate MacGarry (London), JTT (New York), Simone Subal (New York), Cécile Fakhoury (Abidjian, Dakar, Paris), Lyles & Kings (New York), Joseph Tang (Paris), Hopkins (Paris), Barbara Weiss (Berlin); including seven in the Lafayette Sector: Jenny’s (Los Angeles), Gianni Manhattan (Vienna), Mariane Ibrahim (Chicago), PM8 (Vigo), Dawid Radziszewski (Warsaw), Soft Opening (London) and Weiss Falk (Basel)."

July 13, 2019
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