Meet the Galleries: Dastan's Basement

Art Basel Hong Kong 2018

Art Basel Hong Kong has featured an interview with Dastan's founder and director. To learn more please click here

Parts of the interview:

‘The willingness of the community is what has made all this possible. It couldn't have happened without the help of others.’—Hormoz Hematian, Founder and Director of Dastan’s Basement

Hormoz Hematian has a mission: nurture the Tehran art scene and its burgeoning audiences. The young gallerist has embraced the full range of opportunities afforded by the Iranian capital, often curating shows in unusual locations including car parks and shopping malls. His gallery, Dastan’s Basement, currently operates out of four locations, each with a different focus: ranging from digital art at V-Gallery to small-scale experimental projects at Electric Room.

For the Insights sector of Art Basel in Hong Kong, Dastan’s Basement will present an immersive installation of paintings and sculptures by the Tehran and Amsterdam-based artist Sam Samiee. In this exclusive interview, Hematian discusses what he calls cultural life ‘the Iranian way.’

March 23, 2018
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