Sadra Baniasadi | "Outdated": Dastan's Basement

5 - 19 January 2018 The Basement

Dastan is pleased to announce Sadra Baniasadi’s solo exhibition titled “Outdated” at Dastan’s Basement. The exhibition will be open for public viewing from January 5 through January 19, 2018. This is Sadra Baniasadi’s second solo exhibition at Dastan’s Basement. His work has been featured in over ten group shows in Tehran and Dubai (UAE), and recently featured in “Universal Pink” at UNTITLED, Art Miami Beach 2018 at Dastan’s booth.
Sadra Baniasadi (b. 1991, Tehran, Iran) is one of the most creative talents of the new wave of Iranian artists working on visual art, music, video, and storytelling. He is a graduate of painting from Tehran Art University (Tehran, Iran). In his previous series, “Dog Language” (Dastan’s Basement, February 2016), Sadra used cartoon-making and illustration as sources of inspiration for creating a multi-layered narrative of an alternative universe.
In his recent series, “Outdated”, Sadra Baniasadi has again created a parallel world with a multi-layered structure: the mythological gods of this universe hack through the everyday world and create parallel narratives, and the social/urban life of this universe, continues life independently. “Outdated”, which is reminiscent of the recent exhibition by artist’s father, Mohammad Ali Baniasadi —“Color-Portraitesque” (Sareban Gallery, Tehran, 2017)— follows Sadra’s polyphonic approach and his inspirations from diverse media, and gives the viewer the ability to read the works using different narrative, structural, and symbolic standpoints.