Elahe Farzi | "Clouds": +2

19 January - 9 February 2024 +2

A Solo Exhibition of works by Elahe Farzi at +2 Gallery.

Installation Views
Press release

+2 presents “Clouds," a series of paintings by Elahe Farzi, opening Friday, January 19, and continuing through Friday, February 9, 2024. Elahe Farzi (b. 1984 Tehran, Iran) is a painter who lives and works between Frankfurt and Tehran.  "Clouds"' marks her first collaboration with Dastan.

The meditative pieces by Elahe Farzi, characterized by a close engagement with light and the gaze, blur the line between reality and imaginative perception. They represent a phenomenon (clouds), embodying a moment of exquisite confrontation between fluid forms and their representation, the insubstantial and the substantiated. The artist shares her fascination with clouds, praising their indeterminate shape, boundlessness, elusiveness, and unpredictability. Her oil-on-canvas clouds are vessels that show us the impermanent nature of existence, constantly changing and evolving. By slowing down the process of perception, she invites viewers to gaze upon these large close-ups of clouds and immerse themselves in what she recalls as "purity, peace, and innocence" within them. Her meticulous colored-pencil drawings were formed in the early days of the pandemic. Art served as a therapeutic escape, allowing the artist to reimagine and find solace in nature. The collection reflects moments of contemplation, transcending specific landscapes, during shared global fear and uncertainty.