Preview London #2: Dastan's Basement

15 - 31 May 2020
BeAdvisors Art Department is pleased to invite you to the second edition of Preview London #2.
In April we were ready to welcome you in London, but due to the challenging time we are facing, we teamed up with our partners at Artland and organised our first virtual exhibition, in collaboration with galleries Bosse&Baum (London), Clima (Milan), and Damien & The Love Guru (Brussels).

After the success of the first edition and of its virtual walkthrough, we asked the galleries to select one international gallery each, in order to create a second, collaborative exhibition project.

Today we are happy to invite you to the second edition of Preview London, which will spotlight emerging artists presented by three new galleries:

Dastan's Basement (Tehran), invited by Bosse & Baum (London)
Et al. (San Francisco), invited by Clima (Milan)
Sophie Tappeiner (Wien), invited by Damien & the Love Guru (Brussels)