Bijan Saffari | Solo Exhibition: Dastan+2

30 November - 21 December 2018 +2

Dastan is pleased to announce the first large solo exhibition of works by Bijan Saffari (b. 1933, Tehran, Iran), curated by Fereydoun Ave at Dastan+2. The exhibition will be opening on November 30 and continuing through December 21, 2018.
On the occasion of this exhibition, curator Fereydoun Ave writes: “Bijan Saffari was trained as an architect and practiced architecture: understanding scale, division of space, and construction: something where there was nothing and the sheer joy and pleasure of it all. This obsessive ecstasy became addictive and permanent in everything he touched. Touched in a sensual wondrous way. An obsessive researcher, traveler and observer and lover of histories and the need to make notes to support memory.
Maestro Bijan Saffari is an artist by nature not by profession. He never worked to have exhibitions, he just found an almost carnal pleasure in working and discovering the mysteries of different media and their nature and habits. Pen, pencil, crayons, paint, bronze and film. He has a permanent love affair with his media and techniques, he makes friends with them so they will help him to construct his works. He loves anything that makes a mark and transforms and explains the space around him. He is in his way, time and space, the renaissance man.”